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Track Name: Keep Those Bristles Clean and Closed
Widest bite, Baleen Boy
Filters with krill and mint split lips
So don’t take too long to take the longest long way home
And that smile on your face
makes it fun to throw you from a bridge
Ground too close to close so slice throat to throat hole
There’s still time to make you eat glass
Restraint to sew two wounds
Track Name: Drone Before Parlor Violence
Fog of breath from a sick dog
An empty brain won’t sleep tonight
Feel us feel free
Nothing new left without
Help us stay as sterile as sand as face drags down a cracked runway
To know the end and then again to know the end and when
we’re all in touch with all reason
We feed the light until our dead skin blows apart with all (its) frantic glee
In a rowed collage (an) explosion of gore we leave from now
Track Name: Marrow In The Circuitry
This is a broadcast on disgust for thought
destroyed by nails through a black tongue
Alone in your quest for reason for these when
Now to feed old bone mash to an ardent young herd
who stand on the brink of where you die alone
Nails through a black tongue
Alone in your quest for reason because we want you to know we don’t know we want you to die slow
Track Name: With Ash To Drink
Bring back the town square
Gallows brim at night
Diners flipped to death
Bring back the stone press
Cheer with your pig mouths
Spectacle lines curve round roads toe to toe
Bars a barrel top on top
We can’t make it to the end
But there’s fire in these eyes ripped from skulls
Two here to take the taking
You can’t see it, but believe it when I tell you we’re all monsters on the inside
We’re all dead
Track Name: Reverse In A Valley Combine
Tight grip on the climb down
Then a slip and we’re gone
To watch us disappear into the trees below…
The screams get small and I can’t help but laugh
To know the line just to save the time it takes just to be makes the fall from cloud to ground
Track Name: Cataracts So Far
Drinks for the drive today
Suede seat stained wet with hair
Glass shaped with blood on your hands
Now full for months
Sleep on the floor
Side bent
No heat
No love to give
Snow won’t stop time this time
So leave the door (and) run wide
I’d watch eyes watch white
watch (you) blow off heads
Track Name: In Taking Twelve
Sharpen your knives, peer through the glass, and kick in the French doors
We’re coming to get you to read the text that ties it all together, together
The night is on fire (so) cart in the guillotine and lift your blades
Then lift your chin
Your sheets look good in red
Disband the Blackshirts
We all bleed before we burn
We all burn together
Track Name: Antietam for Breakfast
Get it to rain for days to make room to suffocate under the crushing weight of dirt dried in (the) lungs of sons (with) nowhere left to
go (who) left to write
Drink warm lye
Lie in bed warm
Lie to lie
Three lungs
Not one left for us
Track Name: Half-In a Bantam Canopy
Morning, last one of the day
Hang up your holster
Spur smooth and rusted
Dust on all five with gray spit
Snake needs his back skin back
Sun pushes (the) horizon
Each day, each laugh, we’ll remember your face
Now we lay back in back before you pull over
Picture on the dashboard
Four on the seat
One in the chamber
It’s we who get to say goodbye

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